Casino Free Spins

As you know, Engine Magnet exists to help online gambling companies succeed and grow. It’s a very competitive market, and players in the UK are always searching for what’s next in entertainment. We help to find our client’s strengths and present them to their potential consumer base. Today we are discussing casino free spins and bonuses as a staple of digital marketing. Please read on to learn more.

What are casino free spins?

First, let’s clarify exactly what we mean by free spins. There are many slot games available on most top casino sites. This number may be in the hundreds or thousands. Regardless, online slot machines are a huge draw and big source of income for the top casino sites.

Free spins allow player to enjoy gaming without putting up their own real money. Instead of betting with cash, players in the UK are able to wager with free spins credits. These credits have a defined amount, such as £0.50 per spin. Although gamblers do not have to stake real money in their bet, they can withdraw their winnings or add them to their bankroll account.

How can casino free spins help marketing?

Each of the best online casinos have some sort of bonus to offer. Promotions are incredibly valuable tools. The top casino bonuses will demonstrate the company’s generosity and give players a chance to earn free money. This free money creates further profit for the company.

Any bonus can draw attention, but it’s actually become harder to find casino free spins promotions. There is almost always a deposit match bonus available instead. However, casino free spins are desirable to consumers. By focusing on this type of bonus offer, businesses can target potential clients better

How that works with the Engine Magnet philosophy

We use a four-step process with each of our clients to improve their gambling industry marketing approach. This is: search engine optimization, viral marketing, social media marketing, and online reputation management. Read on to see how we can use casino free spins in each of these scenarios.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is the crux of digital marketing. A business with good SEO will attract the right players in the UK more often. We have identified a need for more free spins bonuses in the gambling industry. As such, we make sure to highlight casino free spins when improving SEO. By creating valuable content and tagging appropriately, we can bring the right players to our clients.

Viral marketing

Most players in the UK know several other gamblers. By offering unique casino free spins offers, we encourage viral marketing. This refers to word-of-mouth. When customers notice something different, interesting, or valuable, they’re likely to share that newfound opportunity with other gamblers.

Social media marketing

In a similar vein, the top online casino sites rely heavily on social media. We encourage wagering platforms to highlight their casino free spins bonus. By making promotional posts that feature this key phrase, they can increase the right customer interest.

Online reputation management

We keep our client’s reputation intact and relevant to the right audience. Digital marketing is useless if you don’t find the right gamblers. UK players won’t be pleased if they discover a site is inaccessible to them or doesn’t offer payment methods that work with the GPB. As such, we manage each casino site online reputation to brand them correctly.

Reach out for assistance

If your gambling website needs digital marketing help, please reach out. We have experience with casino free spins bonuses, but we specialise in highlighting many other areas as well. Thank you for reading – we look forward to speaking with you.